At Wave we recognize we are Blessed to be a Blessing! That God has given us a stewardship to be redeeming agents of love, grace and hope in our families, friendships, communities, and world.  We as a church family passionately serve and support several causes to further the Kingdom God. 


H2H International

H2H International exists to share God’s love with the poor and orphans in Romania by proclaiming the Gospel message, offering physical help to those in need, and training people to become faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Due to a corrupt government and a bad economy, Romania has been left with thousands of abandoned children living in government institutions. Living in these government institutions has left these children unloved and neglected, in need of medical, educational, and spiritual development. Visit Heart to Heart


Centro Shalom

Since 1988, the vision and the mission of Centro Shalom has been to help the children and adolescents in the poorest neighborhoods of Tijuana: giving them the opportunity to escape the misery and desperation they live in and to change their lives by having a relationship with CHRIST.  In two barrios on the northern fringe of the Mexican border region, “Valley of the Flowers” Miramar and “Alamar” next to an old dump site. The ignorance of extreme poverty has had a monopoly on the lives of its inhabitants. Centro Shalom currently is ministering to over 600 children in these barrios presenting them with the hope of the gospel. Helping educating them to distance them from the life (and violence) they’ve known on the streets, they distribute free food to the families to alleviate their physical hunger, offering them a basic program of health care, and helping promote family unity. CS also prepares a breakfast and lunch five days a week for the children and expectant mothers or mothers nursing.Visit Centro Shalom! 


Turning Point

Turning Point is a community-based non-profit corporation that provides hope, help, and healing to women in crisis pregnancies and offers them alternatives to abortion. Our services include pregnancy tests, counseling, ultrasound referrals, parenting education program, material assistance, and post-abortion healing. We view each person we see as a divine appointment; sent to us by God for special care. Visit Turning Point!

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