Daniel 10-12

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  • What is your favorite end times, apocalyptic movie? If you could write your own ending to the world, how would you have it go down?





  • Do you believe in spiritual warfare? What has your experince been when it comes to spiritual warfare?




DIG DEEPER: Daniel 12:1-13, Matthew 24:1-51


In Daniel 12, Daniel receives an angelic vision of how the world will end. In Matthew 24, Jesus expands on Daniel’s vision in Matthew 24:12.


  • How do the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 give greater clarity and understanding to Daniel 12?






  • While we do not know when Jesus will return, he does tell us the signs that the end is coming. What are those signs? Do any of these signs apply to our current times?






  • Jesus tells us in Matthew 24:24 there will be many false Christs. What is a false Christ? Do we have any false Christs today? Who might they be? What will these false Christs be found doing?



  • Daniel 12:1-4 is one of the clearest scriptures proving that all humanity will be resurrected. Read Matthew 25:31-46 for an inside look at what happens after the resurrection. Are you prepared for this moment? What will you do to be and remain prepared?








  • How does this brief glimpse into an unseen spiritual world make you feel?





  • How does it make you feel to know that regardless of how bad our world might get, Jesus will have victory in the end? Does this influence how you live today?





  • How does knowing the end increase your sense of urgency to share the Gospel with those that do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ? Which four people will you commit to pray for over the next four weeks to either share Jesus with, or invite to Church to hear the Gospel?





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