Exodus 2

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Life Group Study Guide: Loved what you heard on Sunday? Want to go deeper? The life group study guide will help you unpack what you heard on Sunday while diving deeper into God's word.




Have a group member read Exodus 2:1-10 aloud. Then have another group member read Acts 7:17-22.

  • How does the account in Acts add to your understanding of the account in Exodus?


  • What purpose does this “scene” in the life of Moses serve? How does it look back to what has already occurred and prepare us for what is to come?



  • When Moses leaves Egypt what profession does he take up? Read Genesis 46:34. What does this verse tell you about Moses decision? How would this decision help shape his identity?


  • As you pursue Jesus, what things have you changed in your life to put on the identity of Christ?


  • What does Moses name his first-born son? What does it mean? (Exodus 2:22) What does this tell us about how Moses is beginning to identify himself?


  • Looking back at the beginning and the ongoing experience of your Christian life, how have you found yourself identifying as a sojourner in a foreign land?




  • Read Exodus 2:24-25 ESV. Why does the text repeat the subject, God, 4 times? What does it mean for God to remember? Share a time that God has remembered you.


God repeatedly speaks truth to our sense of identity and safety. Read the who I am in Christ list, www.wavechurchsd.com/resources, and commit to memorizing a verse that affirms your identity in Christ.