The desire for community is everywhere; it is rooted in how we’ve been created. From the local coffee shop to social networking sites, country clubs, or sports, we all have an innate desire to belong. The question is not, “Will we engage in community?” Instead, we ask, “What type of community will we engage in?” Our heart is that Wave can be a community that you are excited to be a part of! A community where everyone would not only find a group of people to do life with, but at the center of that life is the mission of Jesus to reach our world together!

There are many ways to connect at Wave. Maybe it starts with you saying "Yes to Jesus" or "Yes to Being Baptized." Want to know more about our church and why we do what we do? Attend a Starting Point lunch. Ready to jump in? Attend one of our Events. Want to stay up to date with everything going on at Wave? Request to sign up for our Newsletter by emailing