As our kids grow, their needs grow. As a church, our desire is to meet the spiritual needs of our kids in a way that is engaging, relevant, and fun. Out of this desire came our InTents ministry, which first met outside in tents (hence the name!). Created specifically for our older kids in 4th and 5th grade, InTents is just that… Intense! In the best ways imaginable! 

InTents is so much more than Sunday school. It is fun activities, lasting spiritual relationships, and biblical teaching that promotes discussion and encourages real-life application for kids.

Meet our Staff

Drew White: (Left) 

I'm a father of four kids and know how important it is to make church fun and an adventure at that age. Part of the joy of teaching them is seeing how much they teach me with their questions and insight into the lessons.

Rick Bergstrom: (Right) 

Rick came to Christ as a young boy, and desires to provide kids with the same encouragement and guidance that he received. Rick enjoys building relationships with the families of kids and watching them grow in Christ.