Teenagers often feel pulled in many directions. Friends, sports, school, activities -- the pressure can often make them feel like they’re caught in a riptide. Our Student Ministry nicknamed, Riptide, exists to anchor 6th- to 12th-grade students to God’s word, through godly leaders, and into godly relationships that help students remain steady in the midst of the currents of life. Through engaging, relevant, and applicable lessons that are rooted in scripture, Riptide students learn how to become a powerful force for the kingdom of God.

Meet our Staff:

Layne Oaks

Layne is a man after God's heart and a man with a heart for students. For years, Layne has invested in future generations by providing support, prayer, and biblical teaching to Jr. High and High School students. As a former professional skateboarder, Layne uses his gifts to help students meet Jesus!