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Blessings on The Journey

Blessings on The Journey


Series: Abraham: A Journey of Faith

Category: Discipleship, Genesis, Abraham

Passage: Genesis 12:1-9

Speaker: Jason Hardy

This Sunday, Sept. 14th marks a very special day for Wave Church! Three years ago we took a giant step of obedience and, in faith, trusted God that he would build a church in a Recreation Center which would be a blessing to our community.  Over the past three years God has done nothing short of the miraculous, setting lives free to live fully alive with Jesus! Once a year we come to our anniversary! It is a yearly place of remembrance of our journey with God! It is a place where we remember the steps of faith God had placed before us and the courage it took as we stepped into the unknown. It is also a place were we remember the moments of obedience that we have shown even when it was hard, or painful, or when no one else was looking. Most importantly, it is a place where we remember the relentless and abundant blessings God has poured forth on us!