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The Most Interesting Man in the World

The Most Interesting Man in the World


Series: Abraham: A Journey of Faith

Category: Discipleship, Genesis, Abraham

Passage: Genesis 11:27-32

Speaker: Jason Hardy

This Sunday we are kicking off our new series on Abraham: A Journey of Faith! Abraham is arguably the most pivotal and interesting figure that has ever walked this planet outside of Jesus.  Over 60% of the world's religions lay claim to Abraham as the father of their faith! The very spot where Abraham encountered God, while attempting to sacrifice his own son, has become the most fought over holy place on the planet! Every significant biblical figure has pointed to Abraham as the prototype of a Man of Faith! 
Yet when Abraham appears on the scene of scriputre in Genesis 11 he is anything but a Man of God. In fact he is the farthest thing from it. We find Abraham as a pagan, idol worshiping Chaldean, in a hopeless situation with a barren wife! Have you ever felt unworthy or unqualified to do something significant for God? If yes, then you qualify to be an Abraham. Yet this was the very man God would call to follow him and to take a step of faith that would change his life and the lives of generations to come. 
Join us this week as we discover that the only difference between us and Abraham is one step of faith.  My prayer for each of you, as we journey together with Abraham over the next 13 weeks, is that you would be awakened to your own journey of faith with God!