Acts | A Radical Gospel

The greatest news is that we have a savior and it is not us.

Acts | Missionary God

The Gospel of Jesus Christ will always face opposition, but God is a missionary God.

Acts | Politics, Persecution, and Prayer

Prayer is an action, not a mindset. Our job is to ask; God's job is to do what is best.

Acts | A Kingdom-Shaped Life

A transformed life allows God to shape our worldview rather than allow our worldview to shape God.

Acts | When God Speaks

You cannot walk in the Spirit if you are not willing to walk where the Spirit leads.

The blessings in your life today are the result of the prayers of yesterday.

Acts | Saul and the Church

The Church is essential for our spiritual development.

Acts | A Man Named Saul

God causes us to see people over problems.

Acts | Empowered and On Mission

It takes opening your mouth to share the good news of Jesus.

Acts | Beyond Jerusalem

The Church, empowered by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel, has no competition.

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