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Sermons: Sermon on the Mount

August 16, 2015

Going All In

The Sermon on The Mount is the greatest sermon every preached. And like...

August 09, 2015

Ask Seek Knock

We are told since childhood that we must grow up to be successful in...

August 02, 2015


"Judge not, lest you will be Judged" How many times have you heard this...

July 05, 2015

Praying Like Jesus

Is praying ever a struggle? Do you wonder what you should say to God?...

June 21, 2015

Loving Your Enemies

Have you ever noticed how it is no longer enough to simply support...

June 07, 2015

Cultivating Honesty

Our souls carry a sense of distrust everywhere we go, and as a result...

May 24, 2015

Fighting For Purity

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus calls his disciples to a life of...

May 10, 2015

Jesus Fulfills

Jesus declared, " Woe to you Scribes and Pharisees..." Reading the...