A God of Compassion

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  • When was the last time you were stirred by compassion? To help someone in need?

Dig Deeper:   

Read Jonah 4:1-11.

  • Why doesn’t Jonah end with Chapter 3? What does Chapter 4 add to our understanding about who God is?

  • In Jonah 4:2-3, Jonah prayed. In his prayer, he quoted Exodus 34:4-7. Why did Jonah do this? Compare Jonah 4:2 and Exodus 34:4-7. What did Jonah leave out?

  • Why do you think Jonah left the city of Nineveh and waited outside of it to see what would happen?

  • Three times we are told “the Lord appointed.” What do we learn about God through this strange interaction with Jonah?

  • What are we to learn from the plant, the worm, and the scorching wind?

  • God asks Jonah a question that was similar to the question asked in Jonah 4:4: Jonah do you have a right to be angry? Did Jonah have a right? Why does God ask this question a second time, and what was Jonah’s response?

  • What, in your opinion, is God trying to teach Jonah, and what is he trying to teach us through Jonah?

  • The story of Jonah ends with a “?” Do we have any indication of Jonah’s response to God?

Make It Personal:

  • How does Jonah 4 answer the question of God’s tolerance of evil in the world?

  • Why do you think God cares so much about the lost?

  • How has God been compassionate to you like He has been to Jonah, and to Nineveh?

  • Pastor Jason made the point Sunday that, “when what you see and what you believe about God do not match, lean on what you believe.” Have you ever had a conflict between what you experience in life and what you believe about God? How did you respond?

  • How has God’s compassion stirred your heart to show compassion on the lost lives around you? Is there someone God is calling you to go to and show compassion to?

  • How has God been personally challenging you though this study? What is one take away or step you need to take in response to God?

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