A Holiday Survival Guide to Hypocritical People

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Life Group Study Guide: Loved what you heard on Sunday? Want to go deeper? The life group study guide will help you unpack what you heard on Sunday, while diving deeper into God's word.



  • How have you been a Christian hypocrite this past week?


Digging Deeper:

Read Matthew 23:1-36

  • What is your initial response to this passage of scripture? What stands out to you? What questions or insights do you have?


  • Why was Jesus so confrontational with the Pharisees? What was Jesus’ confrontation directed at?


  • Do you think the Pharisees were aware of their own hypocrisy? How was it even possible for this religious group to miss the mark by so much?


  • Read Matthew 23:37-38. How does this passage demonstrate Jesus’ heart for those he just rebuked?


  • How do you find yourself relating to this passage of scripture personally? Where might the Holy Spirit be calling out the hypocrisy of your own religious behavior?


Make It Personal:  

  • Do you have a Christian hypocrite in your life? What does that relationship look like? How do you tend to respond to Christians in your life that behave badly?


  • What role does a Christian have in judging the hypocrisy of others? Does it matter if “those hypocrites” in our lives are believers or not? (See 1 Cor. 5:12-12, Gal. 6:1-2, Matthew 7:1-5)


  • On Sunday, Pastor Jason made the point, “Our goal is never to be right, our goal is to help others be right with God,” regarding confronting the hypocrite in our lives. How might this truth help us see relational conflict and confrontation differently?


  • Have you ever had a friend or family member call you out on a character flaw? How did you respond? What did that confrontation do for your relationship?


  • What are some of the most effective ways to confront another person with caution?


  • What is one take away or action that you have gained from this week’s sermon, life group, or personal study?

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