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Acts | Identity, Belonging, and Resistance

by Jason Hardy on August 28, 2022

Life Group Study Guide: Loved what you heard on Sunday? Want to go deeper? The life group study guide will help you unpack what you heard on Sunday, while diving deeper into God's word.


  • Take a few moments and share your story of how you came to faith in Jesus with your life group. 

Digging Deeper: Read Acts 21:37-22:29

  • What stands out to you from this passage of scripture? Give the Holy Spirit a moment to lead you to specific thoughts, words, or phrases. What insight, questions, or observations do you have? Write them down, and as a group try to answer them.
  • What misconceptions did the crowd have about Paul? How did Paul confront those misconceptions?
  • What defense did Paul make concerning his faith in Jesus as the promised Messiah?
  • What was the reason the crowds were so infuriated by Paul? (Vs. 17-22)

Make It Personal:

  • If you were asked by a friend who did not know Jesus why you have faith in Jesus, what would you say?
  • Paul found himself in defense of his faith with a crowd he could not win with. Have you ever found yourself in a conversation you just could not win? How did you respond?
  • Read Acts 20:22-24. Paul, compelled by the Spirt, went to Jerusalem to testify about Jesus. It got him beat up and locked up. Have you ever felt compelled by God to step out in faith only to have the results not be what you had expected?
  • On Sunday, Pastor Steven made the point, “When your identity is in Christ, you are free to be whoever God is calling you to be.” How have you seen this truth in your own life?
  • What is one take away or action that you have gained from this week’s sermon, life group, or personal study?

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