An Angry Prophet

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  • When you get angry, what are your most effective methods for controlling it? 

Dig Deeper:  

Read Jonah 4:1-5.

  • What is unexpected about Jonah’s response to the Ninevites’ repentance?
  • In Jonah’s anger, what actions did he take? How has Jonah’s response changed from the beginning of this story to this scene?
  • Compare Jonah’s words in Jonah 4:2 with Exodus 34:6. Do you see the difference? What did Jonah leave out? What is going on here?
  • What do you believe has gone wrong inside of Jonah for him to be angry at God’s mercy and compassion?
  • What did Jonah predict would happen to the Ninevites? (Jonah 3:4) Why do you think Jonah believed the Ninevites would be destroyed rather than repent?
  • In Jonah 4:4, the Lord replied to Jonah with a question. In your opinion, was it right for Jonah to be angry about this? How does Jonah respond to this question?


Make It Personal:

  • Take an assessment: Is there a common time, place, or situation that has created a cycle of anger or frustration in your life? What steps do you need to take to break this cycle?
  • Have you ever experienced a moment when you were angry at God?
  • Despite Jonah’s anger, we find Jonah having an honest and raw conversation with God. How easy is it for you to express your emotions
    to God?
  • On Sunday, Pastor Steven shared four ways Jonah expressed his anger. Which expression do you find that you tend to lean toward the most?
  • Read Mathew 6:14-15. Why does God make forgiving others a condition for our forgiveness?
  • Have you ever felt justified in your anger? What is the difference between righteous anger and sinful anger? How should we respond to both? What are the dangers of responding to anger in the wrong way?
  • What is one lesson or take away that you will place into action this week?


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