Exodus 7-8

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  • Have you ever experienced or witnessed a natural disaster? What was
    your experience? How did it affect you?




Read Exodus 7-8.


  • At first reading, what stands out to you from this passage of scripture?


  • In your opinion, which of the first three plagues would be the hardest to endure?


  • By the third plague, Pharaoh’s magicians draw a correct conclusion. What is it (see 8:18-19)? Knowing that seven more plagues are coming, what does this tell us about Pharaoh’s resolve? His belief in the strength of his own gods?


  • Pharaoh is a case study in the root issue at the heart of every man, we worship the wrong things. How do we see this in Pharaoh’s response to the first three Plagues? What do you notice about Pharaoh’s responses to each of the plagues as they progress? How do his tactics change? What do they indicate he believes is true of Yahweh? Of himself?




  • The first three Egyptian gods that God attacked through the plagues were Happiness, Success, and Comfort. If you were to place these in order of importance to you, how would they rank?


  • When it comes to happiness, success and comfort, do you find it easy to wait for God to bring about these in your life, or do you tend to seek to gain them on your own? How has this played out in your life for good or bad?


  • The first three plagues affect both the Egyptians and the Israelites, but
    the rest affect only the Egyptians. Why does God sometimes allow the
    just to suffer for the sins of the unjust? What should be our attitude in those times?