Faith in the Storm

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Life Group Study Guide: Loved what you heard on Sunday? Want to go deeper? The life group study guide will help you unpack what you heard on Sunday, while diving deeper into God's word.



  • What has life been like for you and your family in the last week in regards to the coronavirus and COVID-19?


Dig Deeper:  

Read Mark 4:35-41

  • What was Jesus teaching about prior to the disciples crossing the sea?


  • Mark presents a series of four miracles to prove Jesus’ divinity. How do you think these experiences changed the disciples’ view of Jesus? How might it have changed their response to the unexpected disasters and hardships of life? 
  • Mark 4:35-41 | Jesus Calms the Storm | Power over Nature
  • Mark 5:1-20 | Jesus casts out a Demon | Power over the Supernatural
  • Mark 5:21-33 | Jesus Heals a Women | Power over Physical Illness
  • Mark 5:35-43 | Jesus raises Jairus’ Daughter | Power over Death


  • What question did the disciples ask Jesus? Have you ever found yourself asking God a similar question? What was Jesus’ response?


  • What was significant about Jesus’ action before He questions the disciples?


  • What question does Jesus ask the disciples? How would you respond to Jesus if He asked you the same question?


  • How might have the disciples shown faith in the midst of the storm?


  • What was the lesson that the disciples learned? Did those in the other boats learn the same lesson?


Make It Personal:

  • The storm is not where we go to meet our enemy, but where we find God. How have you seen God active in the past week?


  • Over the past week, have you found yourself focusing more on the size of your storm, or looking to Jesus as the one who can calm the storm? How have you found yourself choosing faith over fear?


  • On Sunday, Pastor Jason made the point, “Relief from the storm is not the best thing that can happen to us. The best thing is for us to discover who God is in the storm, and for us to become like Jesus in the storm.” What have you learned about God this last week? How have you found yourself looking more like Jesus as a result of your current situation?


  • Read John 14:25-27 and John 16:33. What was Jesus promising His disciples in these passages? How might we be encouraged by these words?


  • How is the peace that Jesus offers different than what the world is currently offering?


  • During the sermon, Pastor Jason gave this equation: Event + Response = Outcome. What part of the equation can we control? What parts are out of our control? How might this help change our perspective in how we respond to the current climate of uncertainty?


  • As a group, what needs are you aware of with each other or in your community that you can collectively meet?

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