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  • When was a time that you were on the receiving end of irrational generosity? How did it make you feel, and how did you respond?


Dig Deeper:  

Read 2 Corinthians 9.

  • What is the context of this passage? Why does Paul feel it necessary to teach the Corinthians about generosity before they give?


  • What is the difference between giving and generosity?


  • Why do you think many in today’s modern church culture have a resistance to giving?


  • What are the two ways to give and their corresponding results that Paul introduces in verse six?


  • How is God’s generosity seen in this passage of scripture?


  • What responsibility does God have in our generosity? What responsibility do we have?


  • According to verses 10-15, what are the two outcomes that Paul tells the Corinthians that their generosity will produce?


  • What is the inexpressible gift that Paul mentions in verse 15?


Make It Personal:

  • How do you prepare yourself for the giving season of Thanksgiving and Christmas?


  • Do you ever feel burned out or overwhelmed by the need to give during this season?


  • One a scale from 1 -10, how generous are you with your life?


  • Read Luke 6:38. Have you ever experienced a moment where you gave only to receive more? What does it mean to be pressed down, shaken together, running over?


  • On Sunday, Pastor Jason introduced the cycle of Scarcity and Abundance. How have you personally experienced these cycles? Do you find you operate from a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset?


  • What opportunities is God giving you to be generous this Thanksgiving and Christmas season that will cause others to praise God?

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