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God Never Said That | God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle

by Jason Hardy on May 08, 2022

Life Group Study Guide: Loved what you heard on Sunday? Want to go deeper? The life group study guide will help you unpack what you heard on Sunday, while diving deeper into God's word.


  • What are some bumper-sticker theology sayings that you have often heard? (Examples: God just wants you to be happy! Let go, let God!)

Dig Deeper:  

Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-11

  • What stands out to you from this passage of scripture? Give the Holy Spirit a moment to lead you to specific thoughts, words, or phrases. What insight, questions, or observations do you have? Write them down, and as a group try to answer them.
  • Do you think the Apostle Paul would agree with the statement, “God will not give you more than you can handle?”
  • How does Paul describe God in relation to his suffering?
  • What theological truths is Paul trying to pass on to the Corinthians from the lessons he learned from his own season of suffering?
  • What role did the Church play in Paul’s season of suffering?

Making it Personal:

  • What would you tell a young believer that was experiencing a season of suffering, and questioning why God would allow it?
  • Have you ever experienced a trail that felt like it was more than you could handle? What helped you find comfort in that season?
  • Why do you think Christians are drawn towards bumper-sticker theology? Short gimmicky sayings that are often not really true?
  • Rather than offering a pithy word of comfort to those in our lives that are experiencing a trail, what might be a better way to offer love, encouragement, and comfort?
  • On Sunday, Pastor Jason gave us three reasons why God will allow us to experience more than we can handle. Review those three reasons. Which one have you experienced recently?

  • How has God’s word encouraged you personally, through this study, or through Sunday’s sermon?

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