Jonah's Prayer

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  • What was your most recent failure? How did you feel about it?

Dig Deeper:  

Read Jonah 1:17-2:10. 

  • What insights, observations, or questions do you have from reading Jonah 2?
  • What do we learn about Jonah from his prayer? What do we learn about God? 
  • As Jonah prays there is a change that begins to occur. How is this change depicted in the words that Jonah prays?
  • How does the great fish act as a severe mercy in Jonah’s life?
  • How does God’s miracle of providing a temporary act of rescue allow Jonah to see himself differently?
  • Who does Jonah blame for his current circumstances?
  • What is significant about the fact that Jonah mentions looking to the Holy Temple (verses 4 and 7 twice)?
  • In Jonah’s greatest failure, we see God perform several miracles. Can you name them?
  • In verse 9, Jonah declares, “Salvation belongs to the Lord.” Why is this statement so significant coming from Jonah?

Make It Personal:

  • When have you found yourself praying a prayer while in distress? How did God respond to your prayer?
  • When you find yourself experiencing a failure, who do you tend to blame? Do you blame yourself or others?
  • While no one wants to experince failure, God can use our failures as an act of severe mercy. What have been some failures God has used for good in your life?
  • Jonah is not always a positive example, but in this case, he is. What example can we take from Jonah in his greatest moment of failure?
  • On Sunday, we discovered three crucial truths that Jonah learned from his failure:
  1. There is a divine justice that I deserve
  2. I cannot fix myself
  3. God has saved me at infinite cost to Himself
  • Why are these truths important?
  • What might be the result of our life if we live in denial to these truths?
  • How do you personally try to deny these truths?
  • How have these truths shaped your relationship with God?
  • What is one take away that has impacted you as a result of this week’s study?

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