The Lord's Table

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Life Group Study Guide: Loved what you heard on Sunday? Want to go deeper? The life group study guide will help you unpack what you heard on Sunday, while diving deeper into God's word.



  • Did you grow up in a family that ate meals together? How about now?

Dig Deeper:  

Read Acts 2:42-47

Context: After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension to heaven, the disciples continued to meet together in community. Acts 2 gives us insight into the type
of community that had begun to form.


  • Who were, “they” in verse 42? What is the significance of these people being in community together? How did they come to be a community?


  • What were the actions or rhythms of community life amongst the early church as described in this passage of scripture?


  • Verse 42 tells us the early church “devoted themselves” … what does that mean? How would you describe this devotion in our modern context?


  • Verse 44 states, “they had all things in common.” How is this possible when many of them came from different backgrounds, economic strata, professions, gender? What did they have in common?


  • Is this passage of scripture descriptive or prescriptive for the church today?


  • What was the impact this group of people was having on their communities?



Make It Personal:

  • What do you do now that most resembles the kind of community described in Acts 2:42-47?


  • What role does the church or a spiritual community of believers play in your life?


  • What do you believe was the motivation behind the early church’s devotion for one another? What is your motivation behind your devotion to your spiritual community?


  • In Luke 7:34 we are told, “The Son of man came eating and drinking.” How might this description of Jesus affect how we follow him? What value did Jesus hold regarding community? Do you hold a similar value?


  • Which one is easier for you, community inside of the church or outside of the church? Why?


  • What are you doing right now that is causing relationships to deepen? What are you doing that keeps them from deepening?


  • What was one thing you have found God teaching you this week from this week’s sermon, life group study, or your own personal time with Jesus?


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