The Parable of the Wedding Banquet

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Life Group Study Guide: Loved what you heard on Sunday? Want to go deeper? The life group study guide will help you unpack what you heard on Sunday, while diving deeper into God's word.


  • What is the best wedding you have ever been to, outside of your own? What made this wedding so spectacular?


Dig Deeper:  

Read Matthew 22:1-14.

  • What new insights have you gained from reading this text, or via Sunday’s sermon?


  • You heard on Sunday that each of the main characters in this parable represent someone else (King, Son, Servants, Guests who refused, Guests from the Streets, Unchanged Guest). After reading the passage again, do you agree with those character representations, or does something else come to mind?


  • Why do you think Jesus used the idea of a banquet to represent heaven?


  • What excuses did the first group of guests give to not attend the wedding banquet? How are these excuses similar to the excuses we often give to God?


  • On Sunday, Pastor Jason made the statement, “The first guests invited failed to see the honor and joy of the invitation.” How might we find ourselves in a similar situation?


  • What does the wedding garment in this parable represent?


  • Why would the King not be dishonored by sinners at his banquet, but rather by a sinner that dresses like one?


  • Do you believe that the King’s response to the first guests and the unwelcomed visitor is justified? Fair? Why or why not?


  • Jesus concludes his story by saying, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” How is this true in the story? What do you think Jesus intended this statement to mean in regard to the kingdom of heaven?


  • The religious leaders of Jesus’ time rejected his teaching and his authority. The common people, including social outcasts, sinners, and prostitutes, heard him gladly. How do you think these people might have interpreted what Jesus was saying in this story?

Many believe Jesus in this Parable is alluding to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, which is the culmination of all of God’s preparations to bring his children into their heavenly home. Read Revelation 19:7-10 to gain more insight.

  • How does Revelation describe those attending the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?


  • Who is the bride at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb? How does she make herself ready?


  • How will the guests at the Marriage Supper of the lamb be dressed?


Make It Personal:

  • Who do you relate with most in this Parable?


  • What do you think Jesus wanted to accomplish by telling this parable?


  • How does this parable impact your own faith and response to God’s invitation in your own life?


  • What does it look like, in practicality, to cloth ourselves with the righteousness of Jesus?


  • What is one take away that you will place in practice as a result from this week’s sermon, or life group?

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