Why Worry

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  • What do you find yourself worrying about the most these days?


Context: Worry is common among all of us. Jesus, in his sermon on the mount, gives his disciples a teaching on worry. What is fascinating is that Jesus’ launching point in his teaching about worry starts with money, or mammon – stuff! Jesus makes it clear that worry is a devotion issue. What we are devoted to will control our emotions.  If you change your devotion, you change the emotion!

Read Matthew 6:19-30


  • What are the treasures Jesus talks about in verse 19? What do you treasure the most these days?



  • What does Jesus say happens to treasures stored on earth? How have you seen this with your own treasures?



  • What does Jesus command us to do with our treasures? How do we practically do that?



  • There is a very specific reason Jesus calls us to place what we care for and value most “in heaven.” What is that reason?



  • Is it possible to serve two masters? Two bosses? How do we try to do this in real life? What is the conflict we experience?



  • What does it mean to be devoted to someone or something? In what circumstances do we choose to be devoted to a person or thing?



  • Which is easier: to be devoted to God or to money?


  • Therefore, Jesus says do not be anxious. (vs 25) How does the proceeding text help us understand what Jesus is saying in vs. 25-30?



  • Jesus says that life is not defined by food or clothing. What is life defined by then?



  • What point does Jesus make by calling us to look at the birds and the lilies of the field?


Make It Personal:


  • How much time do you find yourself worrying about things that do not actually happen?



  • What you worry about tends to be an indicator of what you value the most. Take a moment to assess your top three worries. How do your worries reveal what you value?



  • What I worry about the most is what I value; what I value defines my life. Is what you worry about how you want your life defined?



  • How does having your treasures destroyed by moths, rust, or thieves cause you to reconsider what you value and treasure?



  • On Sunday, Pastor Jason made the point, “Your life is more valuable to God than you think it is.” The whole point of Jesus’ teaching is not that we should NOT worry, but that we DON’T HAVE TO worry because God loves us. How much does God’s love for you affect what you worry about? Be honest.



  • In his sermon, Pastor Jason made the point, “I will do my best and trust God for the rest.” How easy is it for you to live your life this way? Do you find it easy to rest in God or do you tend to never feel like you have done enough?



  • What is one thing you plan on applying to your life as a result of this week’s sermon or life group study?

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